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  • 'Shop'-type Building: 250z | 500z | 1,000z | 2,000z: A building which, when utilized for roleplay, increases the zeni gains of the owner by 25%, 50%, 100% or 200%. As with gravity training, the zeni-enhancing effect can only be utilized for 2 training threads per week. Can only be used (mechanically) by the owner.

  • 'House'-type Buildings: 100z  200z | 500z: A building which, when utilized for roleplay, increases the stat gains of the owner by 1 stat point, 2 stat point or 5 stat points. 

  • Training Dojo: 200z:The training dojo provides increased stat(s) benefits, however this one is more suited to faction-allies, rewarding +2 stat gains for every faction-member in the current training thread.

  • Martial Arts School/Academy 400z: The owner of a School becomes a custom 'master', gaining their own special technique/Element which they teach as part of their discipline and having their logo added to the store, which students must purchase before they may learn from the corresponding master This gives a benefit of a bonus of 4+ stat gain to every participant.

  • 'Palace'-type Buildings 500z: The owner of the palace becomes a custom 'ruler', gaining a special technique/element  and has no requirement to teach the technique to others.

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