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Companion Shop

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:34 pm

Minion/Sidekick:tag along characters, be they the 'Krillin' to your 'Goku' or the 'Zarbon' and 'Dodoria' to your 'Frieza'. Minions have their power level based off your primary characters power level. 

Guard':Another form of tag along character, filling the role of 'Dabura' for your 'Babidi' or the 'Mai' and 'Shu' to your 'Pilaf', protectors whose power level is not based on their owner's but rather purchased independently. 

Cannon Character : Have one of your favorite characters from universe 7 team up with you. Each character cost is based off their power level and transformations. Cannon characters can be upgraded.  

Note: If a Guard or Minion dies in a Death Enabled thread you must pay half their original cost to revive them.

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