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Healing Items

Senzu Bean : 50z : The magical Senzu bean is capable of bringing a wounded person from the brink of collapse and ultimately defeat to their fullest strength, mid-battle. [Limit:1 per fight]

Rejuvenation Tank : 500z A recovery tank capable of restoring the user back to health, so long as they can get to it before they succumb to their injuries [requires basic spaceship or building]. This rejuvenation tank restores health fully.


Scouter : 50z : A scouter can read a power level in exact numerals in addition to other functions for both living and non-living threats. The user can communicate between scouter comm channels and pick up on radio frequencies, and while in battle will remain aware of their opponents location on a constantly updated H.U.D.

Dragon Radar : 500z : The magic of the Dragon Balls can be detected with this device. For rules on Dragon Ball acquisition, see here. [Limit: 2 use per week, 2 challenge per 2 weeks]

Gravity Chamber : 100z | 200z | 500z : Gravity chambers are available for purchase in models capable of 10, 20, and 50 times gravity.

Weapons : Weapons are items that are meant to do damage. This, of course, depends on the rank of the weapon, and must be specified in the description of the weapon with the dimensions and any additional effects or properties the weapon has (i.e cutting/piercing depth).Most weapons is capable of an ability. For abilities, the weapon has to be of Tier 2 or higher for it to be capable of having a ability. Here's a small guide for weapon damage per rank:

Damage Scale:

Tier 1: Light bruises, scrapes, 1-inch cuts and piercing.
Tier 2: Moderate bruises, 1.5-inch cuts and piercing.
Tier 3: Can fracture bone, 2.25-inch cuts and piercing.
Tier 4: Broken bones, light internal bleeding, 3-inch cuts and piercing. Can cut partially through bone.
Tier 5: Shattered bones, damage to organ structures/moderate internal bleeding, straight-through cuts and piercing; blades at this rank can cut through bone With a correctly angled/aimed attack, limbs can be severed or ripped off.
Tier 6: Bones crushed to a coarse powder, internal structures could be pounded to a paste, severe internal bleeding. Able to cleanly slice off limbs, and deal 5-inch cuts that can cut through multiple bones.


Tier 1: 50-100 Zeni
Tier 2: 101-150 Zeni
Tier 3: 151-200 Zeni
Tier 4: 201-250 Zeni
Tier 5: 251-300 Zeni
Tier 6:301+ Zeni

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